Duncan Jepson’s first novel, All the Flowers in Shanghai, was published by HarperCollins US.

Readers previously enchanted by Memoirs of a Geisha, Empress, and the novels of Lisa See will be captivated by Duncan Jepson’s marvelous debut, All the Flowers in Shanghai. Evocative, sweeping, yet intimate historical fiction, Jepson’s novel transports us to a China on the brink of revolution, and witnesses this colorful, tumultuous world through the eyes of a woman forced into a life not of her choosing and driven to seek a bitter revenge. This epic journey into the heart of Asia is sure to mesmerize fans of Shanghai Girls and Snow Flower and The Secret Fan

Duncan Jepson magically inhabits the life of a young Chinese woman in 1930s Shanghai... I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
— Janice Y. K. Lee, New York Times bestselling author of The Piano Teacher
The story is breathtaking. Like a poem or a painting, it reveals the old Shanghai. It’s a great work that will move readers.
— Hong Ying, international bestselling author of Daughter of the River
A beautifully poetic story, Duncan Jepson creates a poignant set of characters and follows the journey of one woman who attempts to stop the cycle of history in the only way she knows how, but with dire consequences. It is a dilemma we all have, and the author explores with great sensitivity and imagination.
— Geling Yan, author of The Banquet Bug
The life of this novel’s main character is splintered into thousands of pieces, each of them reflecting the changes of Chinese history, yet all of them coming out in Duncan Jepson’s poetic, passionate writing.
— Quiu xiaolong, author of the Inspector Chen mysteries

All the Flowers in Shanghai - Historical trailer

All the Flowers in Shanghai- Excerpt