With a distinct relation to Blair Witch Project and Survivor, Voodo Nightmare takes us into the tropical jungles of south east Asia to the legend of the Pontianak; a young Malay female reputed to be very beautiful yet demonic. A group of young Americans embark on a 2-day hike into the jungle. Leading the group is a young California girl (Hiep Thi Le, Heaven and Earth). They encounter a beautiful young Malay woman who gives off an eerie feeling of discomfort. She follows them to their night camp. The group gets little rest through the night and the next day things are not as they should be. The group decides to return, only to realize that they are being hunted down. The young woman carries with her a dark secret; a reunion of the living and the dead as the young Americans must each face their own fateful destiny alone at the mercy of her seductive powers.